When you think of Mamou you think of Fred’s Lounge, chasing chickens on Fat Tuesday, and perhaps if you’ve visited the town recently, a pink toilet.

Yeah, a toilet has become a bit of a celebrity in Mamou. The potty’s purpose is a mission that none of us really want to sit down on. That pink toilet is helping to fight cancer.

It’s called the Flush Out Cancer fundraiser and it works like this. You arrange to have one of the ten colorful toilets delivered and set up in front of a friend’s home or place of business. Your donation of $10 to $30 dollars gets the toilet delivered. Your victim, or should I say the next person enlisted in the fight against cancer will then need to pay to have the potty become portable and moved to another location.

The thousands of dollars raised each year by the unique fundraising method goes directly to the Savoy Cancer Center and the patients they treat. If you’re wanting to Flush Out Cancer you still have until October 13th to make those arrangements. Come to think of it, it might be kind of sad to be left out of the fundraising fun.

By the way, Mamou’s community breast cancer walk has been planned for October 13th. The walk will begin at 8 am in downtown Mamou. If you’d like information on the walk, contact the Savoy Cancer Center.




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