How old are your underwear?

It's a personal question, but it's also an important one because depending on the age of your undies you may be at a health risk. I know that may sound dramatic, but how does E. coli in your general crotch area sound?

Terrible, right?

The first thing I did was check as many bank statements and receipts to see when I bought my underwear and it seems like I have about a month left until I'm at risk—this according to a recent study.

There is a Good Housekeeping Institute guide floating around the web based on research that shows when things need to be washed and when they need to be tossed out completely.

Good Housekeeping
Good Housekeeping

The same research found that one and four men wear their underwear for two days before changing them out while some women will wear the same night clothes for two weeks before washing them.

The moral of the story is dirty habits equals thriving bacteria. The question is, will this change the rate at which you toss out your underwear?

Comment and let me know.


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