I was given the opportunity to enjoy a nap yesterday afternoon. It was a typical springtime nap scenario. The room was cold because of the air conditioner and under the cover was too hot. Sure, first world problems no doubt.

This creates a conundrum. How do you find that perfect temperature in these conditions? Take off the covers and you're shivering. Stay under the covers and you're sweating. The solution? Simple, just slide one foot out from under the covers. Believe it or not, it's in your DNA to do that.

Think about your feet for a second. They have a lot of skin area and they aren't totally covered with hair. They also have a lot of blood vessels in a relatively small area. This allows the body to dissipate heat more easily.

The instinct to slide one foot out from under the cover is a built-in response. Who knew that we had such advanced features. It's part of our biological entering I suppose. So tonight when you're trying to drift off to sleep and you're having a personal thermostat issue you can explain to your partner the reason you're sliding one foot out from beneath the covers.



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