How far are you willing to go for Taco Bell?

These two women showed the world how far they were willing to go, by actually going nowhere at all.

Have you ever pulled up to the drive thru at the same time as someone else? Usually, you let them through (or vice-versa), life is good, and everyone is happy. That was not the case at this Taco Bell as you can see in the video above.

The worst part about these two women engaging in a 4th meal standoff is that everyone else who wants delicious Taco Bell is stuck waiting on them to make a move as well. There is bickering, there is yelling. there is honking— and there are many moments that make you question whether or not these women are actual real human adults.

The main question here is who really does have the right of way?

Personally, I think they both need to evaluate life and realize that Taco Bell should never be this serious.

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