A mother in Lafayette is asking for the public's help when it comes to identifying the truck and person(s) responsible for this wreck.

Danielle Romero posted this photo of her daughter's vehicle from Sunday night in Lafayette after a black truck allegedly hit it, after running through a stop sign, and then left the scene of the wreck.

She says that it was a black truck that hit her daughter's SUV and then left the scene while her daughter's vehicle was flipped over on Pinhook Rd. in Lafayette.

The two occupants in the white SUV were able to crawl from the vehicle and were taken to a nearby hospital for observation.

In an update, the mother of the young lady involved in the wreck posted these photos from the scene that appear to show the grille of the truck that hit her daughter's SUV.

As you can see here, it was a Dodge Ram truck that hit this SUV.

The truck that left the scene will have an extensive amount of damage done to the front of it.

If you have any information on this hit-and-run, you should contact the Lafayette Police Department at 337-291-8600.

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