A Youngsville woman is calling the local police chief her hero.

Lynette Rogers says she fell asleep at the wheel and flipped her SUV into a Youngsville canal on Sunday morning (Apr 1). According to KATC's Justice Henderson, Youngsville Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux was on his way to church—a normal Sunday morning routine for Boudreaux.

That's when he got the call over his radio. An SUV was upside down in a canal off of Hwy 89 and first responders feared that the vehicle—and the person pinned inside—had been there for hours.

They were right.

Lynette Rogers didn't plan on having much of an eventful Saturday evening, this according to KATC.

I sat around and burned the fire and then they decided they wanted to go to the casino, and I said 'oh I really shouldn't go, I'm really tired,' and they said let's just go, we won't be long. When I was ready to come home they weren't ready to come home. And I said 'look, I'm tired. I need to go home, I'm falling asleep.' And one of them didn't want to come home, so I said 'look... I'll bring your friend home and she can get the car and come back and get you,' and that’s what I did

A drowsy Rogers never made it around that steep corner on Hwy 89 as he SUV plowed through signs and flipped into the canal, a passed out Rogers pinned upside down. For hours she went in and out of consciousness until a man noticed her vehicle and called authorities.


Police Chief Boudreaux turned around as soon as he got the call over the radio and got there a few minutes after first responders had arrived on the scene. Most people assumed the person pinned in the vehicle had passed away, but Boudreaux decided to check the vehicle anyway.

He had no idea what he was about to find out.

She was sort of a blue color. So I was expecting her to be deceased, I reached into the vehicle to touch and feel for a pulse and she popped her head up and said I’m alive. And she really startled me

First responders were able to quickly tend to Rogers with medical assistance. Now that she is home recovering, she may have a shattered foot, but she is calling the man who saved her life a hero.

Rogers was able to come face to face with Boudreaux for an interview with KATC where she showed gratitude for Boudreaux's heroic actions.

He's my personal savior and I’m glad he was there for me

Big props to the Police Chief, but anyone who knows Boudreaux knows that he will say he was just "doing his job."

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