This is the step-by-step Snapchat process for everyone when the party is just way too lit.

Have you ever woken up with a pounding headache asking "what the hell happened last night?"

There's a random on your couch—or maybe even in your bed. There is a cup on your nightstand from your favorite fast food restaurant, and as you drink it in an effort to hydrate your body you get the instant taste of melted ice combined with whatever soft drink you ordered with your combo.

You open your phone to numerous text messages—some being replies from that ex you totally shouldn't have hit up after 2 a.m. and messages from friends that have you genuinely wondering how "turnt up" did things get?

Well, thanks to advanced technology (read: Snapchat) your entire night out is more than likely documented in a series of photos and videos that tell the story 10 seconds at a time.

As you open up Snapchat and head straight to your story, these are the scenarios that you will more than likely find according to

The #SquadGoals Snap

Your crew is all here, and it's time to party. The night doesn't officially begin until you get a photo with the entire squad. Your Snapchat followers need to know that you and your "fam" are about to throw down—plus, everyone (specifically you) is looking their best.

The Pregame Snap

As we mentioned before, your squad is second to none when it comes to turning up and to reiterate that to your followers you post the first drinks of the night. Shots usually make for great video content, or perhaps you opt for the classy artistic angle of your inaugural drink of the night.

The 'Might Not Make It' Snap

Chances are, you will lose someone before the night even begins. It's usually that friend who doesn't get out much and goes too hard during the pregame. Will they make it out? It depends on how bad they want it. Whether they rally or not, your snap of them passed out before the party begins is a necessity.

The Uber Snap

Whether it's an Uber, or just the Designated Driver of the night—this snap is crucial and may be the most energetic snap of the night. You've got the AUX cord and more than likely, some type of beverage (non-alcoholic, right?) and life couldn't be any better. Everyone is singing, dancing, and more than likely making the Uber driver snap-famous by asking ridiculously personal questions.

The Party Time Snap

You've arrived at your destination. Whether it's the bar or a house party your followers need to know that things are about to get wild. Make sure the angle is high so they understand just how turnt the party is about to be. Warning: This will almost certainly garner text replies of "WYA?" as people will be anxious to know where the fun is taking place and/or how they can join in.

The Bathroom TMI Snap

Whether it's that friend sitting on the toilet, hanging over the toilet or simply crying over an ex they just spotted in the club with their new boo—the bathroom snap is a TMI necessity in your night out. This is also the point in time when you will begin to semi-regret your snaps tomorrow morning.

The Drunk Food Snap

The party is all but over, and whether this marks the end of your night or a break between the party and the after-party, the drunk food snap is definitely an integral part of your snap story. The crew is noticeably thinner than the #SquadGoals snap that started the night, but it doesn't stop you from getting that late night grub. Incoherent yelling at the drive-thru speaker and artsy filtered pics of food that you would never eat sober are a must.

The 'Totally Didn't Mean To Post That To My Story' Snap

It's late, and the new drunk text/dial is the drunk snap. You're home, and you want your ex or your boo thang to know that you're thinking of them. The only problem is, you accidentally posted that flirty snap to your entire story. Don't worry, you'll realize it when you wake up tomorrow after everyone has already judged you for it.

The 'OMG What Did I Post Last Night' Snap

You wake up to a barrage of texts from friends playfully asking how drunk you were along with those dreaded messages from family members informing you that your drunken snaps may not be the "best look." You frantically delete your embarrassing snaps, but let's be honest—those who will judge you already did hours ago.

The 'Like Last Night Didn't Even Happen' Snap

This is also commonly known as 'The Brunch Snap' or the 'He/She's Alive' snap, where we see an array of breakfast foods along with that friend who everyone figured would sleep through the rest of the weekend based on the fact that their night ended with the motor skills of a toddler or in the fetal position.

As I posted on New Year's day—"You can't say 'new year, new me' if you're already deleting snaps from last night."

In 2017, make that resolution to avoid embarrassing snaps—or at least own them!

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