The Storm Prediction Center has placed much of Louisiana at risk for severe weather for today. A tornado watch has already been posted for much of the area until 2 PM this afternoon.

The area from Lake Charles north to Shreveport is considered to be in the slight risk category for severe storms today.

The area from Lafayette north to Alexandria and then eastward across southeastern Louisiana and much of southern Mississippi is considered to be in an area with an enhanced threat of threatening weather.

If you're wondering what the differences are between a marginal risk, a slight risk, and an enhanced risk of severe weather are the Storm Prediction Center defines those categories this way. 

A marginal risk means that there is potential for severe weather to occur in the forecast area. This usually doesn't mean an organized severe weather threat. However, the potential of a short-lived severe weather event is possible but not likely.

A slight risk refers to a better chance of an organized severe weather threat. This might mean a squall line of storms in ahead of a cold front. The severe weather threat is usually short lived but more organized.

An enhanced risk means that forecasters believe that organized areas of severe storms will be forming and almost all of the forecast area could experience severe weather of a higher intensity. The coverage of the stronger storms is usually greater and there could be more than a few severe weather events within the forecast area.

Regardless, most of us will see showers and rain over the next two days. Some of us could experience gusty winds, heavy downpours, frequent lightning, and we can't rule out the possibility of rotating storms developing.

Many parts of the area are under flash flood warnings. A flash flood watch is in effect for the majority of the southern half of the state as well.  The current scan from the National Weather Service radar in Lake Charles is indicating where the strongest storms are located across the state.

We suggest you stay close to the station, our website, and our social media feeds for the late breaking weather information.


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