Trades in the National Football League are not uncommon. In fact, it's the norm for one team to make a deal with another to gain a higher pick in the draft or exchange talent in one position for talent in another position. It's the way NFL teams do business.

However, there could be a unique trade being negotiated between the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints. It appears as though the Rams want the Saints' head coach Sean Payton. Rumors of such deal have been circulating for months. Now that the season for the Saints and the Rams has officially come to an end there does appear to be fire where all this smoke has been seen. 

According to Larry Holder and TImes-Picayune reporter, at least two different sources have told him that the Rams are expected to ask permission from the Saints to talk to Coach Payton. Those same sources seem to indicate that Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis is open to the idea.

During Payton's post game press conference after the season finale in Atlanta, yesterday Payton was asked if he planned on being the Saints coach in 2017. Payton responded by saying "next question".

According to Holder's story, his sources have not disclosed what kind of compensation the Saints might receive in exchange for Payton. Needless to say, the compensation package would have to be rather extensive. Payton received a five-year contract extension through 2020 worth $45 million last January with the Saints. This extension was made after his flirtations with other teams.


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