This time of year everyone is looking for some Halloween fun. Whether you want treats, tricks, or just a good scare, there's lots of choices here in the south to get your ghoul on!

Southern Living Magazine has found some of the South's Most Haunted Places, and we can't wait to visit these eerie locations!


  • 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa - Eureka Springs, Arkansas - hundreds died here at the hands of a magician who claimed to be a doctor
  • The Grove Park Inn - Asheville, North Carolina - a 'pink lady' apparition roams the halls, and lots of guests start feeling sick in room 545
  • Marshall House - Savannah, Georgia - former Civil War hospital
  • Myrtles Plantation - St Francisville, Louisiana - supposedly the most haunted house in America
  • Driskill Hotel - Austin, Texas - haunted by the ghost of 4 year old Samantha Houston, who fell to her death on the massive hotel staircase
  • Sturdivant Hall - Selma, Alabama - former owner and banker roams the halls, vowing never to leave the premises after he was arrested and killed by townspeople
  • Cedar Grove Mansion Inn - Vicksburg, Mississippi - used as a Union hospital during the Civil War, and ghosts of former residents appear to guests frequently
  • Battery Carriage Inn House - Charleston, South Carolina - known as the most haunted house in Charleston
  • Chapel Hill, Tennessee - home to the legend of the 'headless brakeman'
  • Sloss Furnaces - Birmingham, Alabama - haunted by the ghost of metal foreman James 'Slag' Wormwood, who terrorized his crew, and was thought to have been eventually killed by them
  • King's Tavern - Natchez, Mississippi - haunted by the ghost of a 16 year old server named Madeline, who was stabbed by the madam of the house after she found out the girl was her husband's mistress. Her body was then stuffed in the chimney, with the knife still attached.
  • The Historic Partridge Inn - Savannah, Georgia - a beautiful bride, who was left at the alter when her lover was killed on the way to the church, is said to have died brokenhearted and still in her wedding dress in this location


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