As we are gearing up for Super Bowl LII this Sunday, a new phenomenon is on the horizon for us working class dawgs. 'Super Sick Monday' is now apparently a thing, as 14 million people are reportedly calling in sick to their jobs on February 5th. Huh? I mean no disrespect to the people in Philadelphia and Boston, but I certainly managed to get to work on time after the Saints won the Super Bowl.

According to USA Today, a survey was released earlier this week warning employers that one of the biggest 'call in sick' days of the year is about to happen. And it's not because of the flu. As a matter of fact, in the survey taken by 2,000 people, 25% said that the day after the Super Bowl should be an official holiday anyway!

Some of the excuses used have included fever, sore throat, and headache. And a whopping 1-in-5 Americans say that yes, they have actually called in sick after Super Bowl Sunday. Since your boss is probably reading this, you better think of something a little more creative this year.

And if you are actually in Minneapolis for the big game, good luck having fun in that sub zero weather! Who thought THAT was a good idea? (I personally think the Super Bowl ought to be in New Orleans every year).

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