Flooding has become a major concern in Acadiana since we saw the destruction it could cause in 2016.

The problem is more than just cleaning out ditches and coulees. The solution has to come from a regional standpoint.

Reaching that solution is what Dave Dixon, and other community leaders, have made their raison d'etre.

Dixon stopped by The Ross Report this week to discuss what a local coalition composed of the Acadiana Area Sierra Club, Army Corps of Engineers, and FEMA officials tackled at  a  meeting Tuesday night to solve some of the area's major flooding issues.

Dixon created a presentation with in-depth details of the geological features and man-made waterways that can both help and hinder our area's flooding issues. Click the link to view what he describes as the Vermilion River Watershed Regional Flooding Problems 2018.

Dixon provided self-narrated videos of what recommendations he is suggesting to mitigate flooding issues not only in Lafayette Parish, but all throughout Acadiana.

To understand what options can be taken, Dixon provided KPEL with another video to help us picture where Acadiana actually sits in the flood plain. He points out all of the water control structures that could be employed to divert flood waters from communities and neighborhoods into reservoirs that already exist.

Dixon said it is imperative that the public understand what steps can be taken so that Acadiana can have a collective voice to tell FEMA officials what can best be done with federal money that, at this point, n=may go to projects that could, in the long-term, actually cause more flooding problems.

Stay tuned to KPEL and The Ross Report as we get details on how you can have a say in what will be done to prevent future flooding ion our area.

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