The social media platform Instagram is a great place to see beautiful pictures of places you might never get to travel. It is also a great place to find some jewels that exist right in your own backyard. I searched #louisianalife on Instagram and these are just some of the amazing pictures I found of our Louisiana. To me, these photos reached beyond what the eye could see and bared open a vision of the inner essence that connects all of us who are infected with the spirit, passion, and profound beauty that is our home.

1. The End of Another Incredible Day At Lake Martin.

2.Best Friends Sharing A Story and Making A Memory

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3.Life in Downtown Lake Charles

4. God And Country A Powerful Passion

5. Friday Nights Look Best Under Stadium Lights.

6.The Day Slowly Slipping Into The Night With An Elegant Splash Of Heaven

7.The Passionate Hands Of A Master Coaxing The Song From His Soul

8. Traditions Need No Explanation Only Participation

9. A Life Well Lived Etched In Grace And Humility.

10. Like Our Fathers Before Us

11. The Future Learning From The Past, The Taught Becomes The Teacher

12.The Everyday Beauty Of Rush Hour Traffic

13. The Reason Is Like Breathin'... Because We Have To

14.A Tasteful Treasure With A Hidden Surprise

15. I Think We know Who Has Got Next

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