Looking for some cute French names for your petite fille et garcon? No worries. There are 20 adorable French names below with their meaning! For example, Alodie means “wealthy.” It's important for families

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to keep their Creole, and Cajun French traditions and culture.

A lot of times naming a new baby after a loved one or giving them a French name helps to keep those family traditions going from generation to generation. Listed are the perfect French girl names and boy names. here’s our ultimate list of French names. Très magnifique!

If you’re seeking a name that exudes strength, charm, and strength.  You have certainly come to the right place! Bonne chance avec ton choix!

1. Aurelie - means "Golden " in French

2. Aldéric - French-Canadian name means “old” and “mighty.”

3. Babette - French name that means "my God is my oath."

4. Camille - French name that means "servant for the temple."

5. Corinne - French name that means "maiden."

6. Eugenie - French form of Eugenia that means "well-born."

7. Evangeline - A French name meaning "good news." Éliott - French name means "the Lord is my God."

9. Genevieve - French name meaning "woman of the race." Name for French Saint Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris

10. Helene - French female name meaning "Shining light."

11. Hortense - French name that means "gardener."

12. Jacques - French name that means "supplanter."

13. Lisette - French name that means "pledged to God."

14. Ludwig - French name means "famous warrior."

15. Lucille - French name that means "light.

16. Mathéo - French biblical boys' means “gift of God.”

17. Marguerite - French name that means "pearl."

18. Therese - French patron Saint Therese of Lisieux means "late Summer"

19. Yvonne - Cajun French means "my good friend."

20. Zacharie - French name comes from the biblical name Zechariah, which means “Yahweh remembers.”

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