2015 was definitely the year of the "whoa."

Yes, there's a good chance that's exactly what you'll be saying when you hop aboard this time machine and stroll back down the year that was with the Guinness World Records, which put out this video highlighting some of the amazing feats that were set over the last 12 months.

And the records that were smashed are as diverse as the people who set them. Most jokes told in a minute? Check. Most selfies taken in three minutes? Done. World's tallest ice cream cone? It was scooped up. Most flesh tunnels? Grossly done. Tightest parallel parking job done in reverse? That was squeezed in, too.

There were so many records set in 2015 that the video highlighting the best of them is a feels-like-a-record-setting 25 minutes.

Yes, it was a good year for human achievement in fields both admirable and questionable. Well done, world. Now, let's see how you can top yourself in 2016.

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