In less than 60 days we will all be reminded that once again Hurricane Season is here. The official Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1st. Last year there were 17 named storms. It was the fifth most active season on record and one of the most costly hurricane seasons in history.

Let's hope Hurricane Season 2018 will be a much calmer six months than what we experienced in 2017. With 17 named storms last year the National Hurricane Center made it all the way down to the "R" storm, that was Tropical Storm Rina. Ophelia, the 15th named storm of last season was the final hurricane of 2017.

What about 2018?

The forecasters with the Tropical Meteorology Project that is based out of Colorado State University have revealed what they are thinking about the upcoming hurricane season. They made their preseason forecast public on April 5th. In a nutshell, their forecast is calling for a slightly above average season with 14 named storms.

We do know the names of the 2018 storms. Here's the list if you want to see if your name is on it or you want to poke a little fun at a friend or family member who might be included in the upcoming season's storm forecast.

Alberto, Beryl, Chris, and Debby with a "Y" make up the first four. Then comes Ernesto, Florence, Gordon, and Helene. As we move on to what would be the ninth named system there is Isaac, Joyce, Kirk, Leslie, Michael, Nadine, and Oscar. 

If we get to Oscar it will have been a very active storm season since Oscar would represent the 15th named system of the season. In the event, we have a very active season then the names, Patty, Rafael, Sara, Tony, Valerie, and William would come into play.

Personally, I hope we don't make it past Alberto but that's never happened. In fact, the quietest season on record happened in 1868 when there were only four storms that could have earned names but we didn't name storms back then.


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