UPDATE: The fouth--and final--escaped inmate has been arrested following a Sunday afternoon escape from the St. Mary Parish Correctional Center in Centerville.

Sheriff Scott Anslum said investigators learned Elias Todd was  dropped off at a residence in Berwick. After a search warrant was obtained, Todd was located at the home and arrested.


UPDATE: Sheriff Anslum says an internal affairs investigation shows three deputies failed to follow proper security protocol as required. He says those deputies no longer work for the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office.


24-year-old Elias Todd remains on the run from the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office as he and three other inmates escaped from the St. Mary Parish Law Enforcement Center early Monday morning.

Sheriff Scott Anslum says 40-year-old William Deans was captured in Morgan City, with help from the local agencies. 28-year-old Jamie Scarbrough and 18-year-old Tanner Scarbrough were apprehended by the Picayune Police Department in Picayune, Mississippi.

The following people have been arrested as a result of the investigation:

  • 26-year-old Brooke Mcmanus on the charge of assisting escape
  • 49-year-old Bonita Federer on the charge of assisting escape
  • 22-year-old Brandon Collier on the charge of assisting escape
  • 37-year-old William Haff on the charge of assisting escape

The department has numerous leads and asks the citizens to continue to send its tips via the Sheriff’s social media sites or by telephone. Sheriff Anslum says citizens of St. Mary Parish provided numerous tips that assisted in the capture of the inmates. If you see any suspicious activities or a suspect that fit the description in your area, call 911 immediately.

Also, Sheriff Anslum advised there is an ongoing internal investigation in regards to the recent escape. Once the investigation is completed more information will be available at that time.

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