The international day of dress up, drink to much, and wear too few clothes is coming. You probably know it better as Halloween. It was once a night for kids and candy but we adults have horned in on the fun over the past few years. Halloween means you'll need a costume and if you're in a relationship you might have to be "themed-at-the-hip" with your dearly beloved if you want something sweet when the light from the Jack O Lantern has faded for the evening.

So, being a man and all, if that happens to me I want the costume to be easy on, easy off, and comfortable enough to make me ignore the fact that I am in a costume. So, Here are my five best couple's costume ideas, created with men in mind.


  • Chip&Joanna Gaines Love Story via YouTube
    Chip&Joanna Gaines Love Story via YouTube

    Chip And Joanna Gaines

    The Gaines' are home remodelers and flippers. They have a TV show that my wife loves. Chip does all the heavy lifting and real work. Joanna just buys junk and makes Chip install said crap in their current project. They always wear old jeans and old t-shirts. I can see me going as them, minus the ability to do actual work of course.

  • Movieclips via YouTube
    Movieclips via YouTube

    Gomez and Morticia Adams

    What's not to love about The Addams Family? I especially love this idea because from a man's perspective it's even less work than being Chip Gaines. Gomez usually wears a smoking jacket, that can be replaced with one of your wife's nice robes and a pair of slacks. Besides, unless you're going to be reading a story at the public library when else are you going to have the chance to wear women's clothes?

  • PBS Digital Studios via YouTube
    PBS Digital Studios via YouTube

    Bob Ross And A Happy Little Cloud

    Painter Bob Ross always wore a very simple outfit on his Joy of Painting show. He usually showed up to paint in a pair of jeans and a comfortable shirt. Maybe that's why I love this guy so much. All you have to do is find some of your best paint-stained work clothes that don't have a rip in the crotch and you are ready to have your beloved covered in cotton balls and float right beside you as a happy little cloud.

  • Looper via YouTube, JoanneBryant 94583 via YouTube
    Looper via YouTube, JoanneBryant 94583 via YouTube

    Jake From State Farm And Flo From Progressive

    I can't believe these costume ideas are getting even easier for us guys. Jake from State Farm wears a red polo and pair of khaki pants. Come to think of it you could go directly from your job at Target to the costume party and no one will ever know you were in costume the entire time. The costume for Flo isn't that hard to come up with either just in case you love a lady who is as lazy as you are.

  • Entertainment Tonight via YouTube
    Entertainment Tonight via YouTube

    The Castaway And Wilson

    You remember Tom Hanks' movie Castaway? What a great costume idea for a man! All you'd need is some old dirty raggedy clothes and a desire to have scruffy facial hair and you are Chuck Noland. You'd also get to make a red handprint on your dearly beloved's white t-shirt so she will look like Wilson the volleyball. I don't think a lot of women will go for that look but if you married a keeper you just might get lucky.

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