Christmas comes but once a year, so why not put a whole bunch of Louisiana shaped things under the tree to show your true Louisiana pride? Oh, you weren't aware of all the awesome Louisiana shaped things available? Am I asking a lot of questions? To save you time, I've gathered up seven great Louisiana shaped gifts for you to make this year the best Christmas ever.



  • 1

    Louisiana Shaped Skillet

    Oh, you're still cooking in a boring old circle skillet? Step it up a notch and start cooking you a gravy in a Louisiana shaped one.

  • 2

    Louisiana Shaped Chalkboard

    If you're gonna use a chalkboard, you might as well use one shaped like Louisiana, right?

  • 3

    Louisiana Shaped Pillow

    You'll have delicious dreams of crawfish boils and boudin trails each night when you put lil head down to sleep on a Louisiana shaped pillow.

  • 4

    Louisiana Shaped Cookie Cutter

    No need to make cookies that look like everybody else's. Make your cookies stand out with this awesome Louisiana shaped cookie cutter.

  • 5

    Louisiana Shaped Cutting Board

    Next time you're cutting up some sausage for that gumbo, you should absolutely do it on a cutting board shaped like Louisiana. Bed Bath & Beyond

  • 6

    Louisiana Shaped Sucker

    We all get the envie for somethin' sweet every now and then. Why not satisfy that sugar craving with a Louisiana shaped sucker?

  • 7

    Louisiana Shaped Cap Map

    With all of the fantastic local breweries around Louisiana, this cap map would make the perfect gift for the local beer enthusiast on your list this Christmas.