AC/DC singer Brian Johnson has pledged his support to a small U.K. charity dedicated to treating dementia patients. Johnson's longtime bandmate, guitarist Malcolm Young, recently left the group after it was revealed he was suffering from the disease.

“It’s an absolutely amazing boost for a charity run by two people to receive a phone call from the singer of a group that has sold more than 200 million records worldwide,” Tony Jameson-Allen, the Sporting Memories Network's director, told the Northern Echo (as reported by the Guardian.)

Johnson was apparently motivated to get in touch after learning of the organization's methods, which involve "promoting and developing the use of sporting memories to improve the well-being of older people and helping to tackle dementia, depression and social isolation."

The singer has already shared one of his earliest sporting memories on the charity's website, explaining that he wears his trademark cap in tribute to the hard-working miners he'd see walking home after their shifts -- and occasionally at Newcastle football (soccer) games. "The ones who could afford it, or didn't have any kids, went to see Newcastle," he said. "It wasn't until later on when I think I was about 13 that I first went along and stood in the Gallowgate End. But I never saw a bloody thing! I was too small and I didn't have my cracket with me!"

After months of speculation, Malcolm Young's family announced on Sept. 30 that the guitarist was suffering from dementia. It has been widely reported -- though not confirmed -- that the musician suffered a stroke and is currently being treated in a nursing home in Sydney.

'Rock or Bust,' AC/DC's first effort without Young -- whose brother Angus remains as lead guitarist -- is scheduled for release on Dec. 2. The band has already released the first single, 'Play Ball.'

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