In Acadiana, we love our kolaches. You can find them just about everywhere, and they're delicious. However, our meat filled pastries that we've come to know and love as kolaches apparently are not kolaches. I know, it's like we've just discovered the 4th dimension.

A real kolache isn't filled with meat, it's filled with things like cream cheese, fruit, nuts and things like that. Basically, a real kolache is filled with anything but meat or sausage. How have we got this so wrong?

OK,so what we've been eating aren't really kolaches, then what the heck have we been eating?

What we've been eating is called a klobasniky.

When Czech immigrants stepped onto Texas shores, however, they began experimenting with their fillings. They added cream cheese, blueberries, pineapples, nuts, cottage cheese, cherries, or whatever other sweet fruit that they had on hand. Still, no one tried to add meat to the mix.

That’s because those sausage-filled pastries that you know and love were invented by Texas families of Czech descent and were called klobasniky. The Village Bakery in West, Texas takes credit for this upgrade.

This is kind of like in the Matrix when Morpheus tells Neo "What if I told you everything you know to be true is wrong."

BONUS WEIRDNESS - What if I told that line isn't, and never was in the movie The Matrix?

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