Maury Povich viewers were recently treated to a little Louisiana flavor.

On an episode posted to the official MAURY Facebook page, local couple Lauren and Tyler were looking to find out who the father of baby Kaylee was, once and for all.

(Stop me if you've heard this plot before.)

Lauren was certain that Tyler was the father of baby Kaylee, but admitted that she DID sleep with her ex around the time that she got pregnant. Tyler, flanked by his cousin, Gunnar, was convinced that he WASN'T Kaylee's father, citing Lauren's alleged promiscuous ways.

To throw in even more dramatic Cajun spice, Lauren's friend Maria (who is also Gunnar's fiance) was siding with her and was also positive that Tyler was the father.

You'll have to watch the video for yourself to get the outcome, but what was just as entertaining as the video itself were the comments below, where even more of the alleged backstory tea was spilled for all to see.


I'm not sure how Lauren and Tyler are doing, but I just hope baby Kaylee is OK.

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