Stormchasers will be on the road later today attempting to stay ahead of what could be a serious severe weather outbreak in parts of the Gulf South this afternoon. The Storm Prediction Center has placed portions of extreme northeast Texas, eastern Oklahoma, and western Arkansas in the "Moderate Risk" zone for severe storms.

The reason I mention that forecast scenario first is that there is a strong likelihood of life-threatening weather in those areas. Of course, if you go by "as the crow flies" those locales aren't that far away from Louisiana, hence our own state is expecting some strong to severe storms as far south as Lafayette and Baton Rouge.

As you can see from the graphic above, most of Louisiana is under a slight risk of severe storms for today. The extreme northwest corner of the state falls in the enhanced risk so as you can see forecasters do believe the majority of the stronger storms will stay well to the north of the I-10 corridor.

That doesn't mean we in South Louisiana can let down our guard. There is a marginal risk of severe storms in the area from later tonight through the morning hours of Wednesday. By then the storm system that is causing all this rough weather should have moved far enough to the east for the threat to subside.


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