This is a twisted tale that appears to be getting more and more twisted. Earlier this week authorities in San Diego announced they had arrested a man in connection with several instances of sexual abuse of children in Louisiana.

Authorities say the man they arrested was a man known to thousands of Louisiana children as Mr. Wonder. Mr. Wonder was a kids television show that was broadcast from KNOE TV in  Monroe during the late 1970's.

The latest twist in the story is that the man arrested, Frank Selas, says authorities have arrested the wrong guy. He is not the former TV host from Louisiana. Deputy U.S. Marshal Steve Jurman who is based in San Diego where Selas was arrested believes they have got the man they were looking for.

I don't think there's any doubt as far as in law enforcement's mind. I don't think there's any doubt as far as identity goes.

He told the Louisiana Radio Network it's not uncommon for suspects to contest their identity in cases where extradition is necessary. Law enforcement in Louisiana is in the process of bringing Selas back to our state where he can be arrested and tried on charges of two counts of obscenity with a juvenile.

Deputy Marshal Jurman said that his office is flabbergasted at the access that Selas had to children.

The Selas Enterprises offers like free swim lessons to young boys, free swim lessons to the Cub Scouts.

An identity hearing is scheduled for February 11th in San Diego. It is expected that Selas legal team will attempt to argue that their client is not the person named on the warrant. Meanwhile the story continues to grow in scope as perhaps even more victims from Louisiana and California might be encouraged to come forward with more allegations of abuse.

Here in San Diego, we're far more concerned with any potential victims that he had, you know, between the thirty years that he was kind of off the radar.

The charges in Rapides Parish were based on a complaint filed concerning an incident that allegedly occurred in 1979 while Selas was hosting a camping trip for children at Valentine Lake in the Kisatchie National Forest. 

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