With the decrease in diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba, any hope of exporting Louisiana goods is shrinking.

State Agricultural Commissioner Mike Strain says working on the issues between the two nations is of top priority.

"I think we need to make sure our ambassadors and our trade representatives are working hard to make this work", Strain said.

A year ago, Governor John Bel Edwards and Strain led a delegation from Louisiana to Cuba to strength the relationship between the Bayou State and the island nation. The U.S, has ordered Cuban diplomats out of their embassy in Washington. Strain says it’s disappointing to see.

"One of my contacts, the Cuban Trade Minister, from Cuba has been ordered back to Cuba", Strain said.

Strain says if the trade embargo with Cuba is lifted it could mean millions of dollars for the state and the ag industry, so he’s hopeful the diplomatic relations can be restored.

"This is a setback in the overall trade relations that we have and our desire to sell Louisiana products to Cuba is part of the bigger overall issue on trade that we are going to be working very hard to resolve", Strain said.

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