President Donald Trump says a new sugar trade agreement with Mexico is “a very good one for both Mexico and the U.S.”

General Manager of the American Sugarcane League Jim Simon says the U.S. brought a trade case against Mexico because they flooded our market with subsidized sugar. He says this agreement should end Mexico’s illegal dumping practices.

“We came upon a deal with Mexico that allows Mexico to bring in a certain quantity of sugar and a certain quality of sugar that we hope will end their dumping practices,” Simon said.

The International Trade Commission found Mexico guilty of dumping huge quantities of sugar into the U.S. market. Simon says the market flooding deflated prices, which hurts local farmers. He’s says this agreement should create a more stable market.

“We’re hopeful that the dumping will end and it will create more price stability in our market and allow our growers and millers to fairly compete with foreign producers,” Simon said.

Jim Simon photo American Sugarcane League
Jim Simon photo American Sugarcane League

Simon says while they’re pleased with the agreement, any trade agreement is only as good as how well it’s enforced. He says now that the plan is in place, we move into the enforcement phase.

“We’ve gotten commitments from President Trump’s administration that they will adequately enforce the provisions of this new agreement,” Simon said.

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