Louisiana's 5th District Congressman, Ralph Abraham, has arrived on Cuban soil. His mission is one that is more about trade than diplomacy. However, you can bet the two subjects will cross during his visit.

Abraham has gone on record as saying that once the trade embargo against Cuba has been lifted Louisiana is in a prime position to become one of that island nation's largest trading partners.

Louisiana is poised to lead the charge, literally and hopefully in about less than five years we’ll have about 40 percent of that rice import coming to Louisiana farmers.

Abraham believes that once trading has been established in the rice market other commodities will certainly follow. He hopes that within the next five years our state will be a leading supplier of soybeans, corn, beef, and poultry to the Cuban economy.

Abraham believes that once the trade embargo is lifted against Cuba.Their value as a trading partner will be a boon to many areas of Louisiana's economy.  Currently most of the imports of rice enter the island nation from southeast Asia.

Five to six weeks as opposed to 36 hours, it’s much more efficient and much less costly. We have better quality products in Louisiana than elsewhere in the globe.

The Richland Parish Republicans comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. 


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