It seems to be politics as usual in Baton Rouge as more threats of cuts to healthcare create deeper divides between democrats and republicans. This week notices were sent to the residents of publicly funded or Medicaid nursing facilities in the state. The letters warned that if funding wasn't approved, some facilities may have to close.

State Attorney General Jeff Landry says this is just a scare tactic by Governor John Bel Edwards meant to help the argument for tax hikes during the special session. Additionally, Landry estimates more than $400 Million could be saved if welfare recipients who no longer qualify would have benefits halted. This is something that Landry says the Governor has so far been unwilling to do.

He called into Acadiana's Morning News with Rob Kirkpatrick and Bernadette Lee and did not hold his tongue when it came to questioning the Governor's motives.

In Lafayette, UHC has launched the "Save UHC" campaign to highlight the importance of the hospital to the Acadiana area. Employees at the facility were given WARN notices last month which stated the hospital would have to close on June 30th if funding wasn't renewed.

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