Louisiana native Ali Landry is known for many accomplishments, but nothing may be bigger than her cameo during a Super Bowl commercial back in 1998.

If you recall, Landry was in a Doritos commercial for the Super Bowl many years ago and that is when the country really fell in love with her.

She will forever be associated with being Miss USA and the Doritos brand, because of the Super Bowl commercial.

Well, recently Ali was in Turks and Caicos and she says that a Doritos bag washed up near her and that that bag was not a prop or "planted" in the water.

I'll use this photo below to remind you to STOP LITTERING wherever you are. We have got to be better, but the irony of this bag washing up near Landry is somewhat entertaining.


Island hopping In the middle of nowhere in Turks and Caicos and this floated up on right besides me. @doritos #notkidding #crazy #travel #adventure #islands #summer #girlstrip

Posted by Ali Landry on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Here's the Super Bowl commercial for Doritos that Ali Landry was in back in the late 90s. Apparently, the brand can't stay away from her.

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