Soon you will be able to get packages filled with all pink Starbursts.

That's right, if you like the strawberry flavor of the popular candy, you won't have to dig them all out one by one anymore. Starting in April, Starbust will give you the opportunity to scoop up an entire package filled with the only the pink ones.

Of course there is a catch.

The all-pink packages will only be available for a limited time and you will only be able to get them at certain retailers across the United States including Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Amazon and more.

There is no exact timeline as to how long they will be available, or what date in April they may begin to appear on shelves, but your best bet will be to keep your eyes peeled for this strawberry goodness.

There are a few different package sizers depending on your craving. You can get the 14 oz. pack or the 41 oz. bag that is totally resealable. You can also get a 2 oz. pack pictured below if all you need is a quick fix.


This isn't the first time Starburst has given us the option to get specific flavors. Some candy freaks may recall the FaveREDS bags that had the pink and red Starburst only.

Be on the lookout for the all-pink bags and share this with all your candy-loving friends.

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