Check out the number of alligators on the bank of this waterway.

John Bijeaux tagged me in this video of him traveling a local waterway, and the number of alligators entering the water may surprise you.

Bijeaux tells me that he was traveling the Fordouche canal while heading to Lake Fordouche. He says that’s north of Lake Bijeaux on the Indian Bayou reserve.

Now, we all know that there are a large number of alligators in the swamp, but until you see it firsthand, like in the video here, it really puts things into perspective.

John Bojeaux
John Bojeaux

Bijeaux says that a large number of alligators were on the banks of the waterway in an attempt to stay warm, as temperatures were below average on the day he shot this video.

You can see many retreating into the water as he approaches them, while even more are already in the water.

I always say that videos like the one here should remind you of what is lurking out there. If you're ever in the swamps of Louisiana be alert and always be aware of your surroundings.


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