Folks across Shreveport and Bossier City area continue to wait patiently - okay, not so patiently - for the building of the new Jimmie Davis Bridge. Monies (originally $100 million) were moved from the bridge fund and reallocated to the equally unbuilt I-49 Inner City Connector, then another $100 was recently set aside for bridge construction from recently received federal funds.

Assuming the state legislature leaves the money where it is, DOTD Secretary Dr. Shawn Wilson recently told KEEL News that work on a new, four lane structure over the Red River could begin in the next couple of years.

So, as plans for a new JDB, oh, let's say, percolate, we decided to take a look at other bridges across the country, compiling a list of America's longest structures, all certainly longer than the measly-by-comparison, JDB.

Longest Bridges in the USA



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