Dear all other hosts of late night: if you were hoping to somehow sang the 'Game of Thrones' demographic by bringing stars of the hit HBO series on to your stage for a friendly chat, you're going to have to do much, much more than that now. Seth Meyers has bested you in a big way.

'Game of Thrones' creator and author George R.R. Martin hit 'Late Night' last night to talk about the series with Meyers and guest Amy Poehler. As often happens with these kinds of things (this never happens), a genial chat soon turned into Meyers being knighted by Martin, a practice that the best-selling author used to engage somewhat regularly in. Martin hasn't done a whole lot of knighting lately, so it's great news that Poehler had her very own sword handy for the process.

And, as a special bonus, the trio celebrated the knighting by playing a round of 'Game of Thrones' trivia. Yes, 'Late Night' is now officially television's most 'Game of Thrones'-friendly late night show. Adjust your DVR accordingly.

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