Members of the Lafayette Police Narcotics Unit have been very busy in the last week and a half. Earlier this week, we shared with you about a drug bust they made on January 11 that resulted in the confiscation of $1.3 million worth of drugs. Now, there's been another significant bust.

According to Lafayette Police Spokeswoman Sergeant Robin Green, narcotics officers were able to intercept another large amount of cocaine and methamphetamine to the tune of $429,000. In total for this bust, officers were able to take 3.1 pounds of meth and 2 pounds of cocaine off the streets of Lafayette, This bust was made on Friday, January 17.

Generic Photo courtesy of colin-davis-c3m56pq0J1M-unsplash

When you combine the drug busts of January 11 and 17, the grand total street value of these drugs amounts to one million, seven hundred and twenty-nine thousand bucks. Narcotics officers, with both drug busts. were able to confiscate four pounds of cocaine along with sixteen pounds of crystal meth.

Green says the investigation is still ongoing at this time. She adds officials believe they will identify and arrest the suspects involved with these illegal drugs. As in the first bust reported this week, both officers with the New Iberia Police Department and Louisiana State Police, assisted the Lafayette Narcotics Unit.


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