If you want to be "eatin' good in the neighborhood" you might have to leave town to do it in the very near future. The parent company of Applebee's Restaurants has announced that it will be closing between 60 and 80 more locations in the coming months.

Dine Equity has not said whether any Louisiana locations will be affected by this latest round of closures. The company also announced that they will be shuttering another 40 IHOP locations too.

In 2017 the company closed almost 100 Applebee's locations worldwide. The company says the closures are part of a cost-cutting attempt. However, in an effort to attract younger diners the company has actually spent $75 million changing from gas to wood-fired grills at many of its restaurant locations.

That change to wood-fired grills and restructuring and rebranding the menu is part of the company's plan to revitalize their appeal to younger diners. In the places where the chain has completed the changes sales are up, which is a good sign.

The company does have plans to increase its footprint in overseas markets for both the Applebee's brand and the IHOP brand. Dine Equity announced plans for at least 10 new Applebee's locations internationally and over 100 new IHOP stores.

In Louisiana, the company operates 16 Applebee's locations, including one in Lafayette, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, and several in the Greater New Orleans area. Louisiana is currently home to 30 IHOP locations.


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