A bill to create a transparency tool called Louisiana Checkbook passed the House Appropriations committee, and may be considered on the House floor later this week.

The program closely mirrors Ohiocheckbook.com, where Ohio residents are presented a detailed report about state expenses. House Speaker Taylor Barras says it’s a user friendly tool for the public.

“Probably one of the most interactive tools out there for gathering the financial data of state agencies, and that’s a wide range.”

Barras says the checkbook would provide detailed information on individual state agencies’ budgets, and allow people to compare expenses across those agencies.

“Being able to compare, being able to aggregate, and being able to communicate through social media, the things that are on that system.”

But Louisiana Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne says the state already has the tools in place to provide some of those services without having to contract with a third party. He says the cost of the program has yet to be revealed.

“There are going to be some fiscal issues that I know all of you are very cognizant of.”

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