Did your mom ever tell you that you're only as good as the friends you kept? Only me? That seems all well and good as a playground rule, but in this political era that we're in "association" means a lot. Just this week, rumors swirled that the new NBA Champion Golden State Warriors would not attend a White House ceremony because team members disagree with President Trump. So far, that seems to just be a rumor. We also have advertisers on Megyn Kelly's new show 'Sunday Night' pulling ads ahead of her interview with InfoWars founder Alex Jones. He has long offended parents and loved ones of Sandy Hook victims for what he has describes as a hoax.

In both of these cases... politically polarizing as they may be... can we forget about the politics of it? In my view, the Golden State Warriors worked their butts off this season. The celebration is for them, not a campaign rally for Trump. Why is going to the White House and posing for a picture read into as an endorsement of every one of his policies? In the case of Megyn Kelly's interview, is this the first time a controversial or downright evil person has been given an interview? Charles Manson has given interviews for crying out loud. Ultimately, these advertisers are trying to put their business in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Mark my word, this weekend's Sunday Night show will be the highest rated show of the night.

I have to ask, whose losing out in this situation? I can promise it's not NBC.

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