If you're still high off of the Saints win over the Falcons you'll really enjoy this video.

Ironically, actor Anthony Mackie is known by many as 'Falcon' from The Avengers and Captain America, but off-screen he is anything but a Dirty Bird. Born and raised in New Orleans, Mackie is a die-hard Saints fan and when a Falcons fan tried harassing him with trash-talk, he shut it down with the eloquent quickness.

I have no idea when this guy harassed Mackie, but if it was before the game (being that it looked like they both had pregame field access) he probably felt extra stupid when the Saints outlasted the Falcons in their first matchup of the season for a dramatic overtime win—but we'll face them again on Thanksgiving in New Orleans.

What's on the menu? Roasted Falcon, duh.

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