Why just fantasize about winning one big lottery jackpot when there are two lottery jackpots that most of us would love to win. If you haven't been keeping up with the multi-state lottery games Powerball and Mega Millions I can tell you there hasn't been a big winner in quite a while.

The current Powerball jackpot will be estimated to be $213 million on Saturday night. The Mega Millions jackpot when it's drawn for on Friday will be estimated to be $336 million. If you catch lightning in a bottle twice in one weekend you could be starting next week with a cool $549 million.

In my observation of the way lottery jackpots tend to go, we have now reached the tipping point in both games. Once the jackpots approach and exceed $250 million that seems to be when the casual lottery player and the office pool lottery players start to purchase tickets.

As more and more media outlets such as ours publicize the big money there will be more and more players. This could mean even more money than what has been estimated in the jackpots when the time to draw numbers arrives.

What should you do if you win one or both of these jackpots? Trust me you'll have a lot of people offering advice and very few of those people will have your best interest at heart. So, if you're going to dream about winning you need to dream about being a responsible winner.


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