Everyone gets sleepy during work sometimes, but as a clerk in Germany recently learned, a bank transaction probably isn't the best time for a power nap. In fact, he fell asleep on his keyboard and accidentally transferred more than $295 million dollars to a customer. How come our bank never did that for us?

According to reports, the clerk was in the process of transferring 64.20 euros ($85.26) to a client when he fell asleep with his finger on the "2" key. As a result, he accidentally transferred 222,222,222.22 euros ($295,133,333.33) into the customer's account.

The clerk's supervisor missed the error and allowed the transaction to go through. Unfortunately for the customer, however, someone eventually caught the million dollar mistake and corrected it.

The supervisor, meanwhile, was accused of not verifying her work and fired, but a labor court in Hesse later ruled she was wrongly terminated and should've been reprimanded instead. The court also ordered her immediate reinstatement.

There's no official word on the fate of the sleepy clerk, but with any luck, he'll soon be taking a job at our bank and making us rich.

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