Watch what you to do others because you know what they say about payback.

A young boy learned the hard way that revenge can come at any moment, even when getting a haircut.

Last month the young boy in this video put a fake cockroach on the barber's desk so when he returned for a trim, the barber was ready. Using fake blood and a fake ear, the barber pretends to have cut the young boy's ear off.

Yes, the young boy's parents were in on the joke, but you can tell that the young boy is concerned after the barber drops a fake ear in his lap.

Of course, some say that the barber went too far here, but wasn't this is good fun? Would you as a parent have played along here or would you have not allowed this prank to happen? Let us know below.

We are certain on one thing here---the young boy will probably not play another prank on anyone anytime soon.

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