A Doctor from Baton Rouge is dead after a hostage situation unfolded in an Austin, Texas doctor's office on the night of January 26, 2020. Reports are saying that another doctor, who was terminally ill, may have taken both his own and the victim's life.

You can see the report from @WBRZ on Twitter below.

According to the above report, the standoff between the Austin Police Department and the alleged hostage-taker began late Tuesday night. Dr. Katherine Lindley Dodson of Baton Rouge was found dead by SWAT members inside of the doctor's office.

The reports from CBS-Austin that Dr. Bharat Narumanchi took Dr. Dodson hostage inside of the office, where he eventually took her life as well as his own. Narumanchi also reportedly was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The number of hostages that were involved in the situation and additional details are forthcoming, as this story is still developing.

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