The Bayou Vermilion District (BVD) has been selected as a recipient of the Healthy Communities Grant by Keep Louisiana Beautiful, the State’s premier anti-litter and community improvement organization. This grant in the amount of $9,944 will be used to establish a recycle bin loan program that will enable the Bayou Vermilion District to provide 90 durable recycle bins to local festivals and event organizers free of charge, as well as aid the District in providing anti-litter education during community events.

 BVD Recreation and Education Coordinator Gregory Guidroz said,

Here in Lafayette we pride ourselves in hosting the most amazing free festivals and community celebrations in Louisiana.  However, although our festivals are indeed beautiful gifts to the world from the citizens of Lafayette, the truth is that they are not free.  It takes dedicated organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and patrons to create such an experience, and when the litter produced by our community celebrations is not properly accounted for the cost is passed onto our fragile natural environment which in turn belays the cost to the wildlife and aquatic ecosystems that gave birth to our beautiful culture and unique cuisines.  Ultimately the burden of our unaccounted litter is passed onto our children and grandchildren.

This grant was intended to provide direct support for both Festivals Acadiens et Créoles and Festival International de Louisiane organizers who faithfully lead the charge on festival recycling and without whom festival recycling would not be possible if not for their continued efforts.  In addition to providing durable recycle bins to these two major festivals, the District’s recycle bin loan program will be available to provide recycle bins to all Lafayette Parish event organizers willing to carry the torch of being exceptional cultural and environmental stewards.

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