The eagle may be this nations proud symbol but if there was ever a truly bird of these United States it would be the chicken. We eat the chicken's eggs for breakfast, we eat the chicken for lunch and dinner and today we celebrate that magical mystical bird with a holiday the glorifies it's ultimate demise.

Today is Friday Chicken Day: Around these parts the go to place for chicken of the fried variety is Popeyes. They do a very nice spicy chicken and their spokesperson seems like she would be a joy to have a glass of iced tea with.Since Popeyes is  born and battered and deep fried in a Louisiana tradition you have to show them some love.

Raisin' Canes is another player on the fried chicken scene. They don't do the whole chicken they just do the fingers. Why they call them fingers I am not sure because chickens don't have those but it works why worry right?  To me, Raisin' Canes is less about chicken and more about sauce. The chicken is good, don't get me wrong but I could put their sauce on flaming wood and the sauce would  make it taste outstanding.

There always seems to be a line at Chik - Fil- A even on Sundays which makes no sense because that establishment chooses to take that day for family. The Chik- Fil -A specialty is the sandwich. It really isn't a complicated sandwich it's just good. The secret is the pickle juice in the batter, or is it? I personally like Chik-Fil-A's nuggets. If you bring those to an office party or tailgate gathering you will be welcomed back.

Those are the big national places for chicken of a fried variety. Now what about some of the local joints that whip up a mean yard bird? This is your time to talk so let me know who you think has got the best bird around.

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