The holiday season means cookies. By cookies, I  don't mean some warped version of a Christmas Tree that didn't come clean out of the cookie cutter either.

Those kinds of cookies are for show anyway. Most of the time the cookie that is shaped like a tree or a wreath or a glittery pile of doggie do has the same flavor as paste. I know  I ate a lot of paste as a child.

When I speak of holiday cookies I am talking about cookies that you can not stop eating. The kind of cookies where you say,"I can't eat anymore" while you are on your way back to the kitchen to grab three more of them.  What makes these cookies even better is the fact that any moron, namely me, can make them.

You won't need an oven or even a cookie sheet. These are Oreo Balls.

What makes Oreo Balls so incredibly good is they are basically America's favorite cookie, the Oreo, simply served in ball form. How do you make them?

-Take one package of Oreo cookies and crunch them up.

-Add one package of cream cheese to the crunched up cookies

-Mix it all together and spoon out the mixture in the shape of bite size balls.

-pop the balls in the fridge for ten minutes, then get some milk and start eating.

There are versions of this recipe that suggest dipping the balls in melted chocolate. Or for a snow man effect dipping in white chocolate and stacking them on top of each other. That is a total waste if you ask me. If you are attending a cookie swap this holiday season I suggest you make two batches, one for the swap and one for yourself.

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