"Birds" have migrated South for the winter and have quickly made an appearance on UL's campus.

Now, these are not birds in the literal sense, but rather a motorized scooter designed by the Bird company to "encourage clean, car-free alternatives" and to "help improve air quality and reduce pollution."

Many students have reported seeing people use these speedy scooters to get to and from classes. They also say that they have seen students use them to navigate Downtown Lafayette.

While they may seem like a convenient way to get around, Judah Crawford, a student at the University says that it may just be a fad:

"I think its an easy way to get around campus, but they don't really benefit students. Especially those who can't afford to ride on consistently."

The "Bird" Scooters cost a flat fee of $1 to unlock and an additional $0.15 for each additional minute used. This would add up to about $9 an hour for each ride.

Crawford said that even though it was a fun experience, the "Bird" Scooters do not offer many benefits to students:

"It's really only good for students who live on campus with no car and want to go downtown 'cause it's close"

Because of the popularity of the scooters with students, the UL Housing Department sent a response to students via email. The email stated:

"If [a student] is seen riding throughout the halls/apartments, you will be asked to stop. If it continues, you will be reported to the Office of Student Right and Responsibilities for further disciplinary actions."

It is too early to tell how these scooters will last in the long-term, but as of now, it is safe to say that they are a hit for University Students.

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