It hasn't been this cold for quite a while. When you consider the fact that the wind is blowing too, that makes it feel even colder. Wind chill estimates this morning across much of South Louisiana will be in the single digits. Those wind chill readings will warm up slightly during the day but not by much.

A Wind Chill Advisory has been posted for entire southern half of the state for the morning hours of this Tuesday. Wind chill readings of 5 to 13 degrees will be very common from Alexandria southward to the coast.

A Hard Freeze Warning is also in effect. This potentially dangerous weather situation could lead to problems with frozen pipes and cars that are hard to start. There is also an inherent danger to outside pets and to plants that are more suited to warm weather or tropical climates.

Temperatures during the day today will reach close to 40 degrees under mostly sunny skies. The nighttime temperature tonight and into Wednesday will again plummet into the 20's. Temperatures will begin to moderate toward the end of the week but for the most part will remain well below average for this time of year. 



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