Indie blues-rockers the Black Keys have announced the follow-up to 2011's chart-topping 'El Camino.' They will release 'Turn Blue' on May 13.

But unlike most bands, who reveal such news through press releases or by giving an exclusive to a major media outlet, the Black Keys have chosen a different method. As Pitchfork noted, the word was made public by a tweet from former boxing champion Mike Tyson to his 4.15 million followers.

The video Tyson tweeted (embedded above) is a kitschy 'Twilight Zone'-esque bit where a man in a lime green jacket describes the ways in which he will control you, with no mention of the group or the record to be heard. At the end of the clip is a '70s-style graphic that discloses the album's title and release date. The band also created two shorter videos with the same person.

Since the band ended its tour in support of 'El Camino,' frontman Dan Auerbach has been busy. He produced Dr. John's 2012 comeback 'Locked Down,' as well as two records expected to be released in 2014, Ray LaMontagne's 'Supernova' and 'Ultraviolence' by Lana Del Rey.

Diffuser reports that the first single, 'Fever,' will be released on Monday (March 24) at 3:30PM Eastern.

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