A member of the Cajun Navy reports that they are being shot at while in Texas.

Clyde Cain told a host on HLN that rescuers were shot at when they couldn't fit more people in their boats.

There are also reports out, by CNN, that suggest some in Houston are are attempting to rob the rescuers of their boats. One team's boat broke down and while they were seeking shelter, locals attempted to steal their boat.

Some members of the "Cajun Navy" were forced to abort rescue efforts in areas of Houston due to the dangerous/hostile conditions.

A member of the Cajun Navy is scheduled to speak to Sean Hannity on the radio. CLICK HERE to listen.

We are following this developing story out of Texas. Please keep all of those risking their lives in your thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE: The spokesperson for the Cajun Navy now says that the shots fired may have been coming from looters who did not want the rescuers in the area. Luckily, no one was inured.

We are learning more about this story out of Houston. There have been many conflicting reports since this story surfaced on Monday August 28, 2017. Now, authorities in Houston say that the rescuers were NOT shot at during rescue operations.



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