We get a ton of email in to the KPEL News email box everyday, but there are some that stand out. For months now, a lady (we assume) who only calls herself "Cajun Mama" has been sending us tips. We couldn't figure out if it was in response to something specific or just tips. Well it turns out, they are such great tips, we just had to pass them on. Who hasn't cooked in the big magnalite pot

June 3, 2016

Rob and Bernie,

I love the show and I listen every morning while drinking coffee on the back porch. My dog loves you guys too (not sure what that tells you). I wanted to send a tip that I learned a long time ago from my grandmother who lived in Eunice. Smothered chicken was our favorite food and she made it every time we were at our house. The problem with smothering ANYTHING is that it sticks. It has to stick to get the flavor, but it's a pain to get off the bottom of the pot. One of my earliest memories of my grandmother was her telling us, "if it cooks on... it cooks off". She never scraped her pans after cooking, but instead boiled water to get the stuck on mess OFF. I've done it all my life and thought everyone did too. Recently, my daughter-in-law came over and cooked for us. She hauled all the pots into the sink and asked where my pot scraper was. I changed her life that day!

Yours Truly,

Cajun Mama

Thanks for listening 'Cajun Mama' and send your tips anytime! We'll pass them along next time. And you can email the show anytime at news@kpel965.com.

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